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Erik Lundh

The Joy of Engineering
Helsingborg, SWEDEN
Erik Lundh is based in Sweden and has more than 35 years’ experience in innovative systems development. Starting in early 1980s he was an apprentice of a highly effective innovation firm, creating manufacturable electronics products from pencil sketch to highly polished demos in periods as short as a week! Since then, Erik has worked with innovators and small start-ups to large organizations such as Ericsson and ABB. Erik programmed industrial just-in-time (Lean) systems in the 1980’s, was a “process and management guy” in the 1990’s, spent the fun part of the 2000’s as an agile evangelist and XP coach. Erik was selected in 2006 as the global mentor for the first major international agile transformation program at multinational Ericsson, Sweden’s largest software company. Erik was general chair of, and organized, the XP2012 conference in Sweden, where he included concepts of design thinking and agile hardware. Erik now works with many IoT technologies and startups, has partnered with Arduino and influenced the most recent Raspberry PI models.  Erik believes that Raspberry PI and Arduino are the key time-to-market-shortening platforms for the Long Tail of IoT in today's market.